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  • Version 5

    WLO Version 5.0 - Glory of the Empire to be Released

    ******Check out ******

    for new equipment and furniture


    Wedding System:

    Requirements for Getting Married
    A.A male and a female character, both at least Level 30. (Male&Male and Female&Female characters cannot apply to get married at present.)
    B.Both must pay 60,000 Gold.
    C.Both need a wedding ring.



    How to Register
    If both players are Level 30+, they can go to Holy Village and talk with the Priest outside of the Church to register. The Priest will then explain the steps and notices for marriage in WLO.


    Make sure you understand the steps very clearly from the Priest beforehand. (Also, players who want to join in the wedding must register here before they can attend.)

    After registering, the bride and groom will be teleported into the wedding chapel directly. Don't forget to invite your friends!

    Enter the room at the end of the church, and the couple will find their wedding suits. (This room will only be available for married players or players who have applied to get married.)

    1.Both the applicants must be at least Level 30.
    2.60,000 Gold will be deducted from each account after the couple applies to get married.
    3.The 2 applicants should be in a team together. No other players can be in the team.
    4.Both applicants must have the required rings.
    5.The target that players want to get married in wedding chapel should be the same one in application.

    Divorce Notices
    1.The couple don't need to team up, but the first applicant should prepare at least 200,000 Gold.
    2.Both players must be online at the same time. When one hands in the divorce application, the other one will get a confirmation.
    3. If the applicant wants to divorce without informing their significant other, then that player must have been offline for at least 30 consecutive days.

    After Divorce
    1.In the Marriage interface in Group mode, the couple's information will be cancelled.
    2.The Sweet Door and the rings will be withdrawn.
    3.If one member of the couple was not online when the applicant filed for divorce, the corresponding information will be deleted when they log in the next time.
    4.Players who haven't joined in the divorce, will receive a system notice  automatically.


    Cool Human Pets

    Element: Wind
    Skills: Deadly Assault & Dark Assault

    Sippu is a unique ninja hailing from Yamataikoku. She was once the subordinate of Kurokawa, but when she discovered what ninjas had suddenly become, she decided it was time to leave Kurokawa. Once this happened, Kurokawa began pursuing poor Sippu. Once the player comes across Sippu and helps her out while in the middle of a fight with the Kurakawa ninjas, Sippu will become one of the player's followers.

    Element: Wind
    Skills: Wind Assault & Cord Spell

    Shizune is the daughter of the Half Beast Tribe's leader. She loved Sam very much before he vanished from the tribe, so she set out to find him. The player must rescue her from being attacked by a pack of wolves. Once she has been saved, she will join the player's team.


    New Cities:

    Rome's history as a majestic city spans over two and a half thousand years, and it is well known as one of the founding cities of Western Civilization. Rome was the center of the Roman Empire, which dominated Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East for over 400 years, spanning from the 1st Century BC Until the 4th Century AD. Rome is known as a significant place in Christianity, and is the present day home of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the site of the Vatican City, an independent city-state run by the Catholic Church. In the latest expansion, players will be able to enjoy an amazing trip there.


    The Persian Empire held an important place among the great civilizations of the ancient world. The ancient culture of Persia began in the third century, and ended in the seventh century AD. The Persian Empire once boasted territory spanning from Mesopotamia all the way to India! If players want to take a peek at the famous Persian Empire during the ancient days, look no further than the latest expansion!


    New Quests & Instances

    New Quest: Wanted: Fred

    There's no doubt that there will be a lot of new quests for players to partake in the latest expansion, but one of the more important quests is the Wanted: Fred quest. A wanted notice hangs on the wall of a Roman hotel, stating that Fred killed the Roman Priest! Oddly, it is Fred's first visit to Rome, and he knew nothing of the incident. The player and Fred will have to discover the truth behind the mysterious crime, and it looks like it's going to be quite an adventure!

    New Instance: Egyptian Priest's Intrigue
    In the dark of the night, a priest manages to sneak his way into an ancient building. Murmuring some incantations under his breath, the once-quiet halls come to life, as mummies start to wander around the halls. He continues until he finds the object he seeks: The King's heart. The priest prepares for the ritual that he hopes will bring back his beloved lady.

    The players must defeat all of the mummies within 25 minutes in order to save the king! It will be an incredible challenge for all players!

    Earth - Dark Brown Suit The atttributes of the suits we mentioned were examples given as reference. The real attributes you'll get are determined randomly by the system. 

    Earth Aurora Sword:
    LV: 50 Atk+50
    Earth Aurora Staff:LV: 50 Matk+35 Def+15
    Earth Aurora Clothes:LV: 50 Def+15 Spd+10
    Earth Aurora Hat:LV: 50 Def+15 Spd+10
    Earth Aurora Bracers:LV: 50 Def+15 Mdef+10
    Earth Aurora Shoes:LV: 50 Def+15 Spd+10
    Suit:Damages Water enemies;-50% damage to Wind enemies.
     Water - Dark Blue Suit
    The atttributes of the suits we mentioned were examples given as reference. The real attributes you'll get are determined randomly by the system. 

    Water Aurora Sword:
    LV: 50 Atk+40 Spd+10
    Water Aurora Staff: LV: 50 Matk+30 Mdef+20
    Water Aurora Clothes:LV: 50 Matk+30 Mdef+20
    Water Aurora Hat:LV: 50 Def+15 Spd+10
    Water Aurora Bracers: LV: 50 Def+15 Mdef+10
    Water Aurora Shoes: LV: 50 Def+15 Mdef+10
    Suit:Damages Fire enemies;-50% damage to Earth enemies.
     Fire - Bright Red Suit
    The atttributes of the suits we mentioned were examples given as reference. The real attributes you'll get are determined randomly by the system. 

    Fire Aurora Sword:
    LV: 50 Atk+50
    Fire Aurora Staff:LV: 50 Matk+40 Atk+10
    Fire Aurora Clothes:LV: 50 Matk+40 Atk+10
    Fire Aurora Hat: LV: 50 Atk+15 Spd+10
    Fire Aurora Bracers:LV: 50 Spd+15 Matk+10
    Fire Aurora Shoes:LV: 50 Spd+20 Matk+5
    Suit: Damages Wind enemies;-50% damage to Water enemies.
    Wind - Bright Green Suit 
    The atttributes of the suits we mentioned were examples given as reference. The real attributes you'll get are determined randomly by the system. 

    Wind Aurora Sword:
    LV: 50 Atk+50
    Wind Aurora Staff:LV: 50 Matk+40 Spd+10
    Wind Aurora Clothes:LV: 50 Matk+40 Atk+10
    Wind Aurora Hat:LV: 50 Spd+20 Atk+5
    Wind Aurora Bracers:LV: 50 Spd+15 Def+10
    Wind Aurora Shoes:LV: 50 Spd+20 Matk+5
    Suit:Damages Earth enemies;-50% damage to Fire enemies.

    Deity Beasts

    White Tiger

    The White Tiger was revered as the God of war and the harvest in ancient times. According to legend, it can ward off evil spirits and bring riches to people's homes. In version 5.0, however, the White Tiger has been cursed and is now controlled by evil forces that have used it to cause terrible disasters. The beast's unbelievable attack power and high speed make it extremely difficult to defeat.


    The Phoenix is a mythical bird that dies in flames and is reborn from its ashes, representing the constant cycle of life and death. It's also the king of the birds. Though it is said that the Phoenix can bring people happiness, its tear can heal all diseases, and its feather can revive the dead, players will not have an easy time when they are sent to seek the proud bird's help. It has lots of HP and can heal itself in a short time. To earn its aid, players will have to survive a drawn-out battle that will truly test their mettle.


    Iron Dino

    The guardian of the North is in fact two godly creatures combined: a great turtle and a powerful snake. In ancient China, the snake and turtle were a symbol of long life. It was said the Iron Dino was an envoy from hell, connecting it with the world of the living. In the game, the Iron Dino pair has great attack power and a variety of assistant skills. Fighting against other monsters may even make them more powerful.

    Powerful Bosses

    Winged Bull

    The Winged Bull used to be a guardian to protect the people and countries in ancient Mesopotamia. It's the chimeric creature that has the combined strength of a bull, the swiftness of birds and the intelligence of humans! In many places, its stone sculptures were often placed as guards at gateways to palaces and temples. It's a symbol of royalty. Legend says that the Winged Bull is the envoy of Apollo, and it will protect people and defeat all evil.



    In Greek mythology, Cyclopes were the sons of Uranus and Gaia. They used to be imprisoned in the dark pit of Tartarus, but Zeus released three Cyclopes. They were good at creating weapons that they provided to the Gods of the Parthenon, which they in turn used to defeat the Titans.


    Spirit Captain

    The Spirit Captain wanted to earn a fortune by pillaging a mummy's coffin. Unfortunately, he was cursed and perished on the journey home when his ship was sunk during a deadly storm. Overcoming the curse will be a tough challenge for all who dare undertake it.


    New NPC's

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  • NPC's

    Version 5.0 Preview--New NPCs
    The much aniticipated debut of WLO version 5.0--Glory of the Empire will be here very soon, and with it come new maps and new NPCs to interact with.

    Human NPCs

    Roman Centurion
    The leader of the Roman Legions, the Centurion was a lonely figure who appreciated the luxury of time away from battle. With an outstanding physique he is the perfect example of a warrior, though his mind was just as strong as his body. After exploring Greece with his army, Roman and Greek culture began to merge.

    Roman Evocati

    All Roman soldiers are trained from a young age to fight for their empire. With a huge professional army, strict discipline, and unmatched organization, they were feared all over the known world.

    Roman Munifex
    Supporting the army were the regular soldiers. These were the troops that would be the first in and last out in times of war. To be a warrior, one had to endure intense physical training, brutal discipline, and long marches to every corner of the world. Although it may seem unusual, slaves were not commonly used in the Roman legions because of their lack of bravery and skills. Soldiers were often citizens who were doing their duty for their country and people.

    Persian King

    After the collapse of the Romans the Persian King saw a chance to become the most powerful person in the world. He stepped up his empires military and rapidly took over the land that once belonged to the legions of Rome. He is a great military leader and was revered as a god among his people.

    Persian Noblewoman

    While Persian Noblemen are making back room deals, and debating on policy, the real power lies with the women. They are the back bone of the nobles. A good mother and a great wife, yet at the same time ensuring their husbands will is carried out by any means necessary. Be very wary of these women.

    Persian Nobleman

    The noblemen sit around drinking and eating under the pretense of meetings while they argue over petty things. Once in a while however, they do debate about important things. However don't be caught off guard, being lazy doesn't mean that these men aren't deadly. They have a lot of influence with the King.


    Shizune was a beautiful and honest girl. She possessed amazing ninjutsu skills as a result of life ling training. She was like Robin Hood, she loved helping the weak and made her self their protector, many local warlords both feared and hated her very much. Since their fear overpowered their hate, they did nothing to stop her. Leaving her to do what she wants. This is not some one you want to anger!

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