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Clive's Death Quest

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Clive's Death Quest

Post by Avalina on Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:51 am

Quest name: Strong enemy Frederico
Condition: Have Clive and Roca in team

Pre-quest needed to finished :
"death of roca's father"
"start off with roca again"
"the other site of cave"

1. Go to Holy village and enter Inn(x:2122 y:815) after u at inn 1st floor talk with drunkman(the man in green cloth) Roca and Clive will continue dialog

2. Go to Revival isle and enter the cave at x:2522 y:3035

3. Follow Map

4. Follow Map ...It will prompt Clive will leave yes...the dialog will continue

5.Enter down stair and walk to center of room u will see at him and let fight...after u won go back to Clive and click him...and Clive will die

Info provided from Irennes Blog

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