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[Guide] Victoria Quest's

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[Guide] Victoria Quest's

Post by Mira96 on Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:54 pm



Special Skills: Fire Strike & Fiery Attack

Character Introduction: She is one of the daughters adopted by Zhenghe. Her father was kidnapped. So to find out who kidnapped him, she has decided to join the player's team.

skill : cut**physical attack 1 target**(sp 28)
2.fiery attack**assistant skill same fire char**(sp 31)

equipment :sword +32spd +28atk

How to get her:

condition: Prequest's
"master saboa where are you?"
"marine exploration"
and have "king certification(of asian)"

step1.go to "Zheng He's fleet" with Zheng He(master Sanboa)...and go down and talk with chinese guard in first room...
and go back to Zheng He again...but now hes losted!...u will see only 2 chinese guard sleeping...
talk with the guard and go down again...u will see chinese guard in this room sleeping with him..
Victoria will come and her think u r pirate who attack her father(Zheng he) ...let fight!

step3.after u won...Victoria will run...u must talk with chinese guard in this room again and click at the paper
on the table

step4.go to "Ancient Yazhou"

step5.go in the cave and go to 2nd floor and go here...

step6.u will see a lot of pirate's and Zheng He got roped...they pirate will ask Victoria to give they 500000gold
but Victoria will not give them and she will ask u to defeat the pirate's...let fight!

step7.after u won...and helped Zheng He...Victoria will know u r not pirate and Zheng He will tell u take Victoria for an adventure with u...Victoria will join ur team

My Information:
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Re: [Guide] Victoria Quest's

Post by Avalina on Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:33 pm

I'm using this guide right now. I think I am going to add you some pictures. I think we are about to attempt to start this!

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